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Help Resources for landowners

Environmental Resources

The Oil and Gas Accountability Project (OGAP)

OGAP's web site is a resource for citizens and communities that are dealing with oil and gas development. OGAP works with individuals and communities across the United States and Canada, providing support and resources to citizens facing oil and gas development on private and public lands. Also, OGAP works with people who are directly affected by the impacts of oil and gas development to obtain strong regulatory reforms and better industry practices.

Split Estate

Split Estate is a great documentary made by filmmaker Debra Anderson about the impacts of gas drilling featuring interviews with landowners, environmental and health experts, industry representatives, and lawyers.

Leasing Resources

Natural Gas Lease Forum For Landowners

An on-line forum for people to share information on leasing land for natural gas exploration and development. It includes regional forums for Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, and Texas, as well as opportunities for landowners in other states to share information. There are discussion threads on Natural Gas Leasing; Natural Gas Pooling/Unitization; Natural Gas Leasing Events; and Ask an Expert. The site also has other features: a searchable database that allows you to track lease offers in your state and county; a royalty calculator; a directory of landowner groups, companies, oil and gas attorneys; and a mapping feature that allows you to map gas wells and pipelines in your area.

Natural Gas Exploration and Leasing

Anyone can view discussions, news, county-by-county reports of leasing offers and drilling updates, as well as other information related to the natural gas industry in Pennsylvania. By signing up as a community member, users are able to post questions and topics, and communicate privately with other members. This collaborative web forum is a project of Penn State Extension.

National Association of Royalty Owners (NARO)

The mission of NARO is to encourage and promote exploration and production of minerals in the United States while preserving, protecting, advancing and representing the interests and rights of mineral and royalty owners. The NARO web site contains news and information and resources related to oil and gas development in the U.S. NARO has a Message Board Forum where people from different states can post questions and responses related to oil and gas exploration, leasing, drilling and other issues of concern. States include: Alabama, Arkansas, Colorado, Illinois, Kansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, New Mexico, New York, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, Texas and West Virginia.

American Association of Professional Landman (AAPL)

The American Association of Professional Landmen is a voluntary professional organization that unites approximately 10,000 landmen through professional development and service. The AAPL is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas, and has 43 affiliated local associations throughout the United States and Canada. AAPL's members are bound by a Code of Ethics, which governs professional conduct and details sanctions that AAPL members face if violations are proven. Complaint forms: AAPL recently collaborated with the New York State Farm Bureau on a complaint form that landowner can file if they have problems with landmen. The New York state Attorney General's Office will compile the forms and check the complaints.