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About the site

Site help

  • Site Guide - This page will explain how to use the site. If you know what you want to do but don't know how, click here.
  • Frequently Asked Questions - This page contains a variety of questions that come up about the site. Some of the information is also covered in other sections, but if your question doesn't fit anywhere else it may very well be here.
  • Tips on Reporting - Nervous about making your first review? Click here for some tips on how to write a helpful, clear review.
  • Video tutorial -- Welcome
  • Video tutorial -- Logging In

Other help

  • Help! There's a landman at my door - This page will give you a crash course about how to prepare yourself for a visit from a landman and what to do when you are approached by one.
  • Resources for Landowners - A list of links and other resources that might be useful to you as a landowner.
  • Best Practices for Landmen - We've compiled a list of best practices for landmen so that you can get a sense of what good landmen are expected to do.

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