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Help Tips on Reporting

  • Use a moderate and polite tone in your reports. Personal attacks are not useful to the community at large.
  • Make truthful statements in your reports.
  • Please don't use reports to post inflammatory, inappropriate or defamatory content! For more on what counts as defamatory content click here.
  • When making statements of fact please also try and back them up with documentation as this will improve the credibility of the report. LRC can also help you with this process by providing you a place to privately maintain documentation of your interactions with landmen and their companies. This data need not be shared publicly and can be thought of as your own diary. For more information on using LRC as diary go here. If you have any questions about what you are uploading consult a lawyer. You are responsible for everything you upload
  • If you feel uncomfortable attaching your name to a report, you can change your anonymity settings. However, please don't use this feature for posting inflammatory or inappropriate content! Click here to find out more.