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8539 Wyatt, Broadview Heights, OH, 44147

8539 Wyatt, Broadview Heights, OH, 44147

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  • On February 2nd, 2009, mscoville wrote:

    I will not do business with Ohio Valley Energy or Bonnie Foster... and here is why.

    In June or July of 2007 we began to receive letters from Bonnie Foster of Ohio Valley Energy (OVE) asking that we consider leasing our mineral rights to OVE. Each of the 2 or 3 letters we received included a lease and instructions for how to sign it. OVE was offering a 1/8 (12.5% royalty) and a small signing bonus of about $200. Since our neighborhood is residential most lots are between 0.5 and 1.5 acres – ours is a little over 0.5 acres. We decided that we were not really interested in having a well in our residential neighborhood, so we set the letters aside. In August of 2007 we received, via Certified Mail, a very disturbing and threatening letter stating that because OVE had been unsuccessful in leasing our minerals voluntarily that they would be filing a request with the State of Ohio to have our property Manditorily Pooled for inclusion in the acreage required for the Glatzer well [1][2]. To be clear, the certified letter said that we would be Manditorily pooled, and if we wanted to be DISMISSED FROM THIS ACTION we could voluntarily sign a lease. This sure sounded to me like OVE was attempting to coerce my family into leasing our mineral rights to them. So, once again, we just set the letter aside. A few weeks later my neighbor across the street got certified mail from The State of Ohio. It seems that OVE did file papers with the State to Manditorily pool my neighbors lot for inclusion in the tract for the Glatzer well. Even though I was told via certified mail that MY lot was to be manditorily pooled for the Glatzer well, the maps filed with the State of Ohio did not indicate my property was to be included [3][4]. I went with my neighbor to a hearing in Columbus Ohio regarding the proposed Glatzer well. The hearing was before the Ohio Technical Advisory Council on Oil and Gas (TAC). I expressed my opposition to the proposed well, and also informed the TAC that OVE had sent me a threatening letter via certified mail saying that I was being Manditorily Pooled for the Glatzer well – and I was sent this letter even though the maps submitted to the State clearly showed that my property was NOT included in any of the properties listed to be Manditorily Pooled for the Glatzer well. At the hearing Bonnie Foster told the TAC that the certified letter I received was a mistake – the letter was intended for another Scoville family down the street [5]. A subsequent check of public records available from the Cuyahoga County Auditors office showed no other Scoville family on my street [6]. The TAC chairman scolded Bonnie Foster and Ben Funderburg from OVE for sending me the threatening letter. In the weeks following the hearing I found out that several OTHER families on the street had also received threatening Certified Mail from Bonnie Foster. These other families were also threatened that their property was to be Manditorily Pooled for the Glatzer well, and if they wanted to be DISMISSED FROM THIS ACTION they could negotiate a lease voluntarily. My Neighbor appealed the TACs decision to recommend approval of OVEs mandatory pooling application. So once again, we traveled to Columbus. This time we appeared before the Ohio Oil and Gas Commission. At the appeal (#788) we presented evidence to the commission showing that at least FIVE families on our street received certified mail threatening Mandatory Pooling for the Glatzer well – even though tract maps for the Glatzer well submitted to the State did NOT include these properties. We showed the commission the letters. The commission findings indicated that the manner in which OVE uses Mandatory Pooling is “disconcerting” [7]. The commission would seem to agree that the letter I received was “threatening” [7].

    Bonnie Foster and Ohio Valley Energy have attempted to use leasing techniques that I feel are unethical and very disturbing to me.

    [1] Certified letter to Scoville family threatening Mandatory Pooling

    [2] Envelope for certified letter above [1]

    [3] Tract map for proposed Glatzer well filed with the State of Ohio on Sep 24, 2007. Map shows four Mandatory Pool properties… Chodkiewicz, Ayala, Janiak, and DeAngelis

    [4] Revised Tract map for proposed Glatzer well filed with the state of Ohio. Surveyed Oct 16,2007. Map shows one Mandatory Pool property… Chodkiewicz.

    [5] Transcript of of Nov 13th 2007 Mandatory Pooling hearing - Pages 110-111

    [6] Search results from Cuyahoga County Auditors website for “Scoville” families in Cuyahoga County.

    [7] Oil and Gas Commission findings – page 12 .

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  • File name: [3] Description: First Glatzer tract map
  • File name: [4] Description: Revised Glatzer tract map
  • File name: [5] Description: Transcript of Mandatory pooling hearing
  • File name: [7] Description: Oil & Gas Commision findings #788
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