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Tunnel Hill Road, Factoryville, PA, 18419

Tunnel Hill Road, Factoryville, PA, 18419

  • On February 4th, 2010, rfscala wrote:

    I was present at my sister's request. She was being coerced into signing a lease she did not want.
    Two Chesapeake landmen came over around 8:30pm, and introduced themselves as David and Randy.
    They insisted the DEAL ENDS RIGHT AWAY as usual, it was imperative that the lease be signed NOW (it was all filled out and ready) because the lease bonus amounts will be MUCH LOWER after this.
    When the landmen were questioned and proven wrong they became insulting to my sister and myself. They told her she didn't understand anything (she's been a title searcher since 1985) and they told me I knew nothing and argued with them since they stepped in the door. (An audio tape proves otherwise). When it was clear that I would not let my sister be coerced into anything, they got mad and the older guy flipped me the bird as he was leaving!

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Additional Notes: “Landowner in marcellus shale territory”

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