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twp. 659, stafford- monroe co., OH, 43788

twp. 659, stafford- monroe co., OH, 43788

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  • On February 18th, 2010, seo1 wrote:

    I contracted a lease on my organic farm to recomplete 3 oil and gas wells with AER (Appalacian Energy Resources) I chose this company because the owner, Phil Billick, is also a chemist and also owns an enviromental testing comapany (I thought I was safe). In effort to even further protect my property,my medicinal plant farm and hunting/cabin renting business, we added an addendum stating that they WOULD NOT DUMP any frac-water on the land or in any streams. And the did it anyway, to save a few bucks. By doing so they destroyed my crops and killed much of the wild life. AER dumped nearly 1/2 million gallons of toxic fluid. I also built a home on this farm 5 years before the well recompletion , we ran a hunting business that has been ruined due to the contamination from Applachian Energy Resourses Phil Bilick. I highly suggest anyone who is looking to lease their land out to any oil and gas company contact me via email and I will try to help you protect your land . The most distrubing part of this is the oil company owner Phil Bilick ownes an enviromental testing co. whos job is test for comtamination to protect our enviroment from polution . This person's main concern is how much money can he stuff in his pockets with no reguard for our natural resoures.Be aware of agencies and organizations that are to protect our resourses,their concerns are not the same as ours !!!!

  • On February 18th, 2010, seo1 wrote:

    If anyone would like to check out Mr. enviromentals web site goto Phil my pockets Billick is the president.

  • On February 18th, 2010, seo1 wrote:

    If anyone would like to check out Phil Billicks company who is claiming to be protecting our enviroment his web site is

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