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Report of Holland (no company provided)

Parties involved

  • Holland (a landman)
  • (an oil and gas company)

Average Breakdown

  • 45%Overall
  • 40%Honesty
  • 40%Knowledge
  • 80%Courtesy
  • 20%Reliability


Practices Reported

  • On March 25th, 2010, wvdavid wrote:

    The first contact from Holland was one of the least knowledgable and flexible and highest pressuring landmen I have run into. I understand they are considered a low paying company for their front line land men. Because of the attitude we chose to miss Holland's "deadline" and deal with another company. That company did not live up to expectations so we were looking around for some more, and then Holland came back and offered again. They had a better lease/addendum the second time. We then got Holland and the second company negotiating/competing. A supervising landman was more, but not all that, knowledgable which improved the sensibility of negotiations. They were flexible on many surface terms but not important lease terms. So we told them we would lease with Holland and told the second company we would not be leasing with them. The day after we did that, Holland sent us an e-mail without explanation and said they were withdrawing their lease offer. Fortunatley the second company still offered us a lease, on less favorable terms but more knowledgable on issues. VERY unprofessional by Holland to pull out after committing with only an e-mail and no explanation. Holland is an aquisition company who, they say, contracts with big companies to get leases. Internet says they work with XTO recently bought out by Exxon, but landman denied that was the company on this deal. Don't like dealing with anonymous company either. As with all land companies, keep your guard up, but especially for this company, and find another company if you can.

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Additional Notes: “Lawyer for small and medium mineral owners.”

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